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Learn to Wakeboard with Action Watersports

Ever dreamt of hitting the water on a Wakeboard on a beautiful lake?

The Wakeboard Beginners Package is the BEST introduction to the exciting adrenaline filled sport of Wakeboarding, giving you a skill for life. 1 to 1 lessons allow you to progress at your own speed, a training boom is fitted to the boat to give you a progressive learning curve.

We supply all the equipment and following your dryland training, you will have two 15-minute sessions on the water separated by a short break allowing time for any additional dry land training if required. Plenty of time to gain an understanding of how-to Wakeboard and to build great foundations.

Our mission is for you to be Wakeboarding by the end of this package, you might even be on the long line behind the boat.

From just £74.99 per person

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wakeboard lessons

Tiny Wakeboarder

For the tiny Wakeboarders between the age of 6 and 9 we offer the amazing Horse-Shoe Platform Trainer.

The best way to introduce youngsters to this exciting sport, build confidence and watch them love being out on the water.

Just £45 per person

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wakeboard training

Tried Wakeboarding before on holiday or many years ago?

Wakeboard Upgrade Package really suits someone who can Water-Ski and wants to try Wakeboarding for the 1st time, or people that have Wakeboarded before and are looking for a more in-depth lesson. You will have 2 x 15-minute lessons.

Following the dryland training you take to the water using a training boom attached to the boat, allowing you to be close to the instructor. As this is a refresher or upgrade lesson as soon as you get the deep water start nailed you progress to the long line.
The second lesson of this package starts with you on the long line and progressing to the next level.

Please note this is not suitable for the complete beginner

From just £69.99 per person


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Group Wakeboard lesson with friend

If some of your guests would like to Water-ski, no problem, you can mix and match in this package.

The Wakeboard Group Package provides a fantastic opportunity to try the fun & excitement of Wakeboarding at the same time as your friends or family. Following the dryland training you take to the water for your 15-minute lesson using a training boom attached to the boat, allowing you to be close to the instructor, giving you an easy progressive learning curve.

In larger groups everyone will have a couple of sessions on the water (to make up your 15-minute lesson), with a quick rotation between the members of your group to ensure you have a dynamic experience. Mixed ability groups welcome.

From just £39.99 per person

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Important Information

  • Using the latest training techniques tailored to your level allows for an easy learning curve.
  • All equipment included, wetsuits, buoyancy aids & Wakeboards – no hidden extras
  • Must be confident in water and able to swim.
  • All lessons on the water are 1:1

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