Schools & Groups

Do you want to build confidence, self esteem and fitness within your group whilst having a fantastic time?

We have fun on the water with individuals, associations and schools including Air Cadets and Summer Schools. We can offer your group the alternative physical and mental challenge of water-skiing or wakeboarding.




As an Approved Centre for Kent County Council & a British Water-ski Accredited Water-ski School and RYA Centre we specialise in offering Water-Ski and Wakeboard lessons in a safe, controlled but fun environment.

The structured lesson plans ensure that all the group benefit from the experience and allows everyone to watch each other whilst participating. This really adds to the shared experience and builds camaraderie within the group.

We supply all equipment including wetsuits and buoyancy aids so the ability to swim is not essential, many people enjoy the activities without being good swimmers. Full dry land training is carried out by our qualified staff, using the latest training techniques prior to going on the water. A training boom is fitted to the boat offering a progressive, easy learning curve; using the best equipment available and each individual has a minimum of 2 sessions on the water.




These packages provide a fantastic opportunity to experience the fun and excitement of Water-Skiing and Wakeboarding, a sport that many people may not have previously considered. By working closely with you, our staff will develop a program designed to fully suit your group, promoting healthy outdoor activity.

All participants can try either water-skiing or wakeboarding, we identify any participant that may find the activities challenging and ensure discreet additional help or ultimately an alternative water activity which ensures everyone has a positive time.

Many groups enjoy the Banana Finale at the end of the session. This hilarious ride is a test of balance skills and teamwork on our slippery banana that is towed behind the boat.



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