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The Fastest Growing Watersport - Be part of it!

It's hard to beat the sensation of levitating from the water’s surface. 

The hurdle has always been having the right equipment, conditions and tuition.

A problem no more...
Learn to Foil at Action Watersports with the latest, most advanced foil on the market.

This Foil grows with your ability, eliminating the hurdle of a tall mast, more fun BUT infinitely harder to learn on.
You learn on the only Foil with a telescopic mast, shorter to start and as you conquer the ride, the mast length can increase.

Not only does this give you a steady learning curve, there are additional adjustment you can make to the for additional lift/additional stability


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foiling lessons

Want to Transfer your Wakeboarding or Kite Surfing Skills to Foiling...

Do you want an easy, progressive learning curve?

Learn to foil behind our boat, on our sheltered lake. 

These lessons are ideal for Wakeboarders or Kite Surfers who want to go to the next level. 

All lessons are 1:1 geared to your level. 

Learning in a group is ideal, grab your friends & jump in the boat or join our waiting list to meet new friends foiling. You will have exclusive use of the instructor and Foil for 2 hours. 

If you'd prefer you can book an individual experience, you will have 2 x 15 minute lessons on the water, you will have a short break between lessons.

The cost is just £89.99pp


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hydrofoiling lessons


We would always recommend booking a full lesson, but if you are a confident Wakeboarder or Kitesurfer and are short on time a taster may be right for you. 

Just £49.99 per person

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Important Information

  • All Lessons are 1:1
  • This experience is ideal for Wakeboarders or Kite Surfers, if you are new to these sports please book a Wakeboard Beginners Package before your Foil Lesson 
  • Confidence in the water and the ability to swim is essential
  • Please arrive 45-minutes prior to your session
  • If you arrive later you may miss your session

Have a question or would like to talk to a member of the team? No problem, we're always here to help.

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