Water-Ski & Wakeboard Packages


Beginners Package

The Beginner's Package is the ideal introduction to the world of high adrenalin watersports.

All equipment is supplied and before taking to the water we ensure all your questions are answered during the dry land briefing. We start on the water using a training boom on the side of our tournament water-ski boat. This allows for a progressive and rewarding learning process, with one-on-one tuition from your fully qualified boat driver. After the first lesson there is a break allowing for recovery time and any additional dry land training as required. The second lesson allows you to progress at your own speed. Our mission is for you to be Water-skiing or Wakeboarding by the end of this package

The course takes about 2 hours in all to complete and is designed to ensure success and rapid progress. Ideal for friends and individuals 

Upgrade Package

Tried Water-skiing or Wakeboarding on holiday? 

Did you love it, and want more.. or was it challenging? - especially the start

Can you water-ski & do you want to learn to wakeboard or vice versa? Or can you use cable and want to improve your technique behind the boat?

The Water-ski/Wakeboard Upgrade Package is just for you! We supply all the equipment, wetsuit, buoyancy aid etc and before you take to the water we ensure all questions are answered with a dry land lesson. We then fit a training boom to the boat allowing you to be close to the instructor and giving you an easy progressive learning curve.

As this is a refresher or up grade lesson we are working to getting the deep water start consistent and up on the long line in the 1st lesson.

The second lesson of this package starts with you on the long line and progressing to the next level. This package takes approx 2 hours to complete, it is not suitable for the complete beginner.

3 Tow Day Package

Looking at improving your water-skiing or wakeboarding - this is the ideal package for you. We work with you to take your riding to the next level. We check out your basics like body position and then the sky is the limit. All equipment is included with a tried but happy body at the end of the day guaranteed.