FlyBoard Ideas

FlyBoarding is great to experience with a mate or in a group. We supply all equipment including wetsuit, buoyancy aid & helmet so the ability to swim is not essential, many people enjoy the activities without being good swimmers.

The coach talks to you via the Head Zone Communication System, with clear instructions, giving you an easy learning curve.

FlyBoard Experience

Just  £95 per person Any Time  or £85 per person weekdays excluding school/bank holidays

Prepare to FLY… we supply everything you need to take a flight above the lake. The complete freedom you’ll feel can’t be beaten. Once changed the safety briefing and tuition prepare you to reach great heights with 30 minutes of flying time each split into a minimum of 2 flights per person. An ideal experience to do with friends. A group of 4  will need to allow about 3 1/2  hours at the lake.

FlyBoard Group Package

Just £49.99 per person Any Time or £45 per person weekdays excluding school/bank holidays

This ideal for larger groups or adding FlyBoarding to another experience. Again all equipment is supplied, and following your safety briefing and tuition you will take to the water then the sky. You have 15 minutes flying time per person with a minimum of 2 flights each. A group of 8 would need to allow about 3 1/2 hours at the lake.

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