The Newest Sport To Take the World By Storm Has Arrived At Action Watersports...

The most fun you can have above the water. Experience flying like a super hero with jets attached to your feet. Our expert instructors will guide you through your 1st flight or for the more experienced show you safe ways of achieving tricks such as dolphins or backflips.

All equipment is included and our instructors are in control of you at all times – allowing you to fly has high as you are able – or hover just above the water if you prefer.

This new sport will give you the biggest grin every as you experience flying.



The FlyBoarding Experience at Action Watersports.

How high will you go….?

  • All equipment is included and before you take to the water we give you a full safety briefing and tuition.

  • Using the Headzone communication system you can clearly hear the instructor, giving you an easy learning curve.

  • It’s great for individuals and groups.

  • There is a minimum age of 16 to fly.



As the London & South East Dealer for this Fantastic New Sport, Action Watersports can offer you the FlyBoard Experience or Retail Sale, supplying one for your own Jet Ski or come and use ours.

The Flyboard connects to the jet system of a Jet Ski and propels the rider up to 12 meters above the water. 

Action Watersports offers full training for all Flyboards sold.


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